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We Love Dads, and Dads Love Tins

We Love Dads, and Dads Love Tins

Fathers around the world go by many different names -- Dad, Papi, Daddy, Pop. Their talents and hobbies vary widely (golf, gardening, tech guru, tinkering with dangerous electrical devices…) But the vast majority of fathers have two things in common: they have kids that they care about, and they have a ton of ‘stuff’ lying around that really ought to go into a container.

If you’re looking for a Father’s Day gift idea, we present to you the Doc Popcorn Tin – a very practical, two-part gift for the honored father in your life.

Teeny Tin – These lidded babies hold one quart of delicious popcorn. Then, after the snacking has subsided, Dad can wipe out the tin and reuse it to hold V.I.S.Os – very important small objects, such as coins, mysterious-origin screws, thumb-drives shaped like Star Wars characters, dehydrated seed pods, or extra plastic parts left over from assembling a shelving unit because … you never know.

Tiny Tin – Part One – Dad enjoys one gallon of his favorite popcorn flavor – enough for a few heaping dad-size portions, with plenty left over for family sharing. Part Two – wipe out the empty tin with a dry cloth and then fill with medium-sized objects in desperate need of lidded storage such as golf balls, charging cords, old mix tapes, or bird (squirrel) food.

Big Tin – Some fathers just need a really BIG tin. Over 3 gallons of amazing gourmet popcorn – just right for a family movie night, surprise snack-attack visits from grandkids, backyard barbecue dessert, or munching while watching the big game from the best seat in the house. Later, after the quick wipe down, this tin transforms into the Holder of Large Things: gardening tools, power strips, drill bits, full skeins of yarn, or small motors in mid-repair.

So there you have it – an awesome Father’s Day gift idea that is both tasty AND useful.

Just be sure to follow the directions on your Tin Care card for cleaning out the tin (hint: metal tins do not like water, so keep the cleaning quick and easy with a few swipes of a dry towel.)