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Delicious High Fiber Snacks

Delicious High Fiber Snacks

Digestion is Important! And fiber helps ...

To get the full benefit from the healthy food we eat, we also need to digest it properly.

Fiber helps digestion. After we chew our food, it finds a cozy resting spot in our intestines. Later, when we add fibrous foods and snacks, the fiber helps to push everything along so it can continue on its digestion journey – keeping our bodies working smoothly.

Fortunately, many of our favorite tasty snacks are also high in fiber!

Appealing Apples -- From surprisingly sweet to shockingly tart, apples are a great source of fiber. The apple’s peel has the most fiber, and it’s often the most intensely flavored part of the fruit. For a good old-fashioned treat - that's also high in fiber - try apple slices, dusted with cinnamon! Apples are also a delicious addition to …

Oatmeal – There’s a secret to making delicious oatmeal - it doen't have to be gloppy! “Quick oats” are fast and they do also have fiber, but they tend to cook down much softer than many people like. Instead, choose steel cut oats – and cook them on medium heat - only until they are just soft enough to eat.

Another oatmeal tip: add some cut up apples or dates to the simmering cooking water before you add the oats; it will sweeten the oats naturally (and you won’t need to add extra sugar!) Also, try topping your oatmeal with raspberries – another fiber powerhouse! Plus, if you add some raspberries to the cooking water, you'll start your day with a fun bowl of yummy high-fiber oatmeal in a beautiful shade of pink!

Crunchy Popcorn – If you’re craving a different snack texture, try a handful (or two or three!) of popcorn for a delicious high fiber treat. Gourmet popcorn comes in a wide range of flavors from salty, spicy, cheesy, and sweet, to totally surprising flavor concoctions. Visit a local Doc Popcorn store to sample all the flavors until you find the crunchy snack that matches your mood. Then pat yourself on the back – in addition to a tasty treat, you’ll be giving yourself a high fiber boost!