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Springtime Salad Sensation

Springtime Salad Sensation

Wake Up, Salad -- It's Spring!

It was a long cold winter, and though many us are still hibernating in our cozy dens (whether we want to or not) … there's no denying that SPRING is Here!

Ready to lighten up after a long winter of hearty comfort food? Kick off the season with a snappy spring salad ... done the right way!

Color It Up

  • Of course salads are known for their greens, but there are plenty of other tasty colors out there to jazz up a spring salad. Sliced red onions, delicate orange strands of carrot, pink and purple radishes ... And who says you have to make it all about the savory? Juicy mandarin oranges, yellow chunks of pineapple, magenta raspberries, purply blueberries ... there's a whole edible rainbow in the produce section just waiting for a chance to frolic among your salad leaves.

Dress for Success

  • With warmer spring temps arriving, it's time to shed your wintry layers and lighten up ... That goes for your salad dressings, too! Instead of a traditional bottled dressing, consider subbing in a simple splash of orange juice to dress the greens, or make an easy homemade mixture of apple cider vinegar with a touch of olive oil, topped with a dash of pepper or garlic powder for some extra spring kick.

Pump Up the Volume!

  • Birds are chirping, brooks are babbling … Spring is wonderfully noisy! Why not add some of the boisterous celebration to your salad, too? Instead of traditional croutons, toss on some toasted sunflower seeds, or a handful of crunchy gourmet popcorn.

Apple Crisp or Klassic Kettle popcorn are awesome on a spinach salad with tart apples and dried cranberries. Or imagine taking a yummy bite of your favorite savory salad topped with a generous handful of Cheesy Cheddar popcorn croutons ...

Starting to feel inspired? Get out there and make your spring salad dream a reality!

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