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You're Not Really Hungry...You're just bored.

You're Not Really Hungry...You're just bored.

Smart Snacking...

It’s 2:15, you just had lunch an hour ago, and your next Zoom call isn’t until 3:30. Sounds like the perfect time for a snack, right? Wrong! Working from home is a great excuse to not wear pants, but it’s not a great excuse to gain weight – eventually you’re going to want to fit back into those pants…

You’re probably not really craving a snack right now anyway; what you’re craving is a distraction – a change of scenery or something different to relieve the stress and boredom. Working from home has many benefits, but there are also hidden pitfalls. That inter-office camaraderie that you are so used to is now gone. The boredom busters like watercooler gossip and birthday lunches - gone. Throw kids & pets into the mix at your new “office” and the stress really starts to mount.

So, what CAN you do, besides snacking, to combat the daily stress and boredom that has become routine lately? You’ve already watched “Tiger King” (twice), so why not try one of these:

  • Take a brisk 30-minute walk – this will improve your mood, boost your immunity, and burn calories
  • Biking, jogging, or skipping around the block are all great ways to get outside and get your heart pumping
  • Dance Party! Put on your favorite tunes and shake that booty around the house. May we suggest Justin Timberlake – “Can’t Stop the Feeling!”
  • Reach out – Go through your old photos and reach out to the people in the photos – the US Postal service is still delivering. When is the last time you sent or received and actual letter? How much fun would it be to send an old friend an actual picture from Spring Break 1989 and not just tag them in it on Facebook…

So now that you have de-stressed and relieved your boredom in a healthy way, you’re free to satisfy your genuine hunger with a sensible snack choice. We recommend some delicious, fresh-popped Doc Popcorn. Many of our flavors are lower in calories and fat – so you can feel good about your snack choice and get back into those pants one day soon.