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The History of Popcorn & Thanksgiving

The History of Popcorn & Thanksgiving

Celebrate the good things in life -- big and small -- this Thanksgiving

… like watching the game with cousins and friends, or sharing special foods with loved-ones at your Thanksgiving get-together.

Was Popcorn Served at the 'First Thanksgiving'?

In 1621, two groups from different cultures (the Pilgrim settlers and the local Wampanoag tribe) -- who both already had traditions of an autumn feast of thanksgiving -- chose to share a meal and celebrate together. The corn that was grown in the area at the time was probably the northern flint variety, which is great for many corn-based foods but whose kernels do not work well for popping. So ... the Natives and the Pilgrims at Plymouth probably did not bond over tossing popcorn in the air to catch in their mouths.

However, many other native groups around the world, including the Iroquois in upstate New York, had long grown a variety of corn which worked very well for popping. A love of popcorn, consumed around the campfire, definitely caught on, as settlers learned the nifty trick from native neighbors. Now the sometimes savory, sometimes sweet, always yummy snack is one of the most popular tastebud treats in the United States.

While we’re thinking of big and small things to be grateful for at Thanksgiving, it seems like this delicious, playful snack fits right in. Share the fun and bounty of popcorn-deliciousness with your dear friends and family this year by bringing a 5-gallon Pop Party Pack of Doc Popcorn to your special Thanksgiving feast.

Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at Doc Popcorn.