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Super Snacks to Feed YOUR Big Game Party Crew

Super Snacks to Feed YOUR Big Game Party Crew

The official countdown to your Big Game Party has begun:

3 … Comfy overstuffed chairs for honored guests, strategically arranged for intense TV viewing.

2 … Assorted extra folding chairs for slacker late arrivers and football-loving strangers who wandered in off the street – lured into your man cave by the sounds of rowdy cheering.

1 … Generous amounts of tasty grub to pass around to the football-obsessed friends and family who have gathered to feast and cheer.

Will 5-gallons of Cheesy Cheddar be enough to satisfy your crew as they cheer their team on to fan-fueled football victory? Better throw in another Pop Party Pack … make this one a sweet flavor so you’ll be sure to hit all the spots. Swing by to load up on Pop Party Packs or NFL team Sport Tins filled with crunchy, sweet or savory, amazing popcorn … then get ready to party hard for the football match-up of the year!