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Score Big with Doc Popcorn at your Big Game Party!

Score Big with Doc Popcorn at your Big Game Party!

Are You Ready?

The players, the coaches, the screaming football fans across the country -- it’s all coming together for the Big Game on Feb. 4th. And what about you -- are you ready for your Big Game Party? Are your couches and beanbag chairs shoved into prime TV viewing position? Did you pick up the team-colored body paint for super fan-frenzied smearing? And, of course, you definitely don’t want to fumble the snacks. The countdown to kickoff of your Big Game Party has begun - LET’S DO THIS!

This is Big Game football-watching, so you need to get serious about the eats! Fortunately, the Doc Popcorn offensive coordinators have got the winning game-plan for your Big Game Party munchies: Keep it simple, light, and delicious. Your rowdy friends and family can chow down on bowls of crunchy Doc Popcorn as they watch the glory unfold on the TV screen and really get the man-cave roaring.

Or maybe you’re not-hosting-just-coasting for the Big Game Party this year? You can still charge onto that field of play and impress your hosts with a gift of greatness by showing up with a Sports Tin filled with Doc Popcorn. Who’s your pick – Patriots, Steelers, Ravens, Eagles, Vikings, Falcons, Rams, Saints, Panthers? Win that best-guest championship ring by handing off a few of Doc Popcorn’s NFL tins. You snap the order to Doc Popcorn, we fill and deliver, and you make the winning pass to your cheering hosts and fellow Big Game partiers.

It’s coming. The match-up, the thrill, the snacks. Go to right now to get ready … because IT. IS. ON!