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Popcorn Sundae: Make It, Eat It, Love It!

Popcorn Sundae: Make It, Eat It, Love It!

For kids & adults alike, this recipe has it all!

Alternating layers of crunchy popcorn & creamy ice cream dots, topped with whipped cream and your favorite dessert syrup. Your party guests will have a blast creating their own delicious concoctions at a Popcorn Sundae bar -- with clear cups, serving spoons, and all the fixins for self-serve, yummy fun!

  • The Goods: Caramel Bliss popcorn, Dippin’ Dots ice cream beads, optional fun toppings like whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and sprinkles
  • To-Do: Fill each clear cup with alternating layers of Caramel Bliss popcorn and Dippin’ Dots. Complete your gourmet creation with whipped cream and your favorite toppings.

Tasty Tips:

Keep it Crunchy: The sugary-sweet coating on Caramel Bliss or one of Doc Popcorn's other sweet flavors helps keep the crispiness in the popcorn while it’s nestled among the super cold ice cream dots.

Offer the Opts: Don't limit yourself to Caramel Bliss+chocolate syrup+vanilla Dots (although that would certainly be de-licious!) Shake things up with a few different flavors of sweet popcorn, dots, and syrups to really let your guests indulge their sundae-making creativity!