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Popcorn Picnic in the Park

Popcorn Picnic in the Park

July is National Picnic Month - for good reason!

Sunny days, blue skies, low chance of rain, high chance of ducks waddling into a pond ... who could resist settling down on a checkered cloth for an old fashioned summertime picnic in the park?

Whether it's a romantic afternoon escape for two, or a multi-family get-together -- a picnic in the park fits the bill for a fun, easy, low-cost summer treat.

Picnic essentials to gather the night before:

* Checkered cloth, blanket, or park-provided picnic table to sit upon

* Picnic basket, lunchboxes, or backpacks to transport the treats

* Delicious food and drinks that are also easy to clean up in case of a little spill.

Aim to bring just the right amount of yummy food -- without too much left over -- for easy clean-up when it's time to drop the picnic basket off at the car before heading to the playground or a stroll by the river.

Be sure to bring along some yummy popcorn to keep all the picnickers happy. Fill a reusable container or tin with your favorite flavor of Doc Popcorn -- to enjoy as a crunchy pairing with your favorite picnic wine, or a non-messy dessert after the pb&j's have been demolished.

We wish you clear skies, green grass, and sunny smiles during National Picnic Month -- from your friends at Doc Popcorn :-)