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Pop Something Special Inside their Stockings

Pop Something Special Inside their Stockings

Do you hang your stockings “by the chimney with care”?

Perhaps you’re a stockings-on-the-staircase family, or even a hang-it-on-the-bed-poster. In some countries, it’s more of a clog, shoe, or boot tradition, with special footwear placed optimistically next to the fireplace or outside on the doorstep. No matter the location, the hope remains the same – that St. Nicholas, Santa, or special Christmas fairies will stop in for a visit, filling our hearts with delight and our footwear with Christmas treats.

What will pop up in Your Christmas Stocking this year?

Oranges and tangerines are beloved stocking stuffers in many parts of the world, where the citrus treats represent gold. In other spots, Christmas clog-checkers hope for coins, candy, or even new shoes to replace the old ones. Rolls of new socks or festive underwear deliver special appeal to the fun-yet-practical stocking stuffee. And if your Christmas dreams feature visions of edible delights, a Teeny Tin of yummy gourmet popcorn is sure to bring a smile: one quart of sweet or savory deliciousness, perfectly sized for sliding inside a stocking or peeking out over the top of a reindeer-kissed clog.

We wish you a very Merry Christmas, filled with fun traditions and delicious memories!