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Perfect Snack Strategy for Gamers

Perfect Snack Strategy for Gamers

You’re in the midst of an intense game of Fortnite, about to attack the tryhard Dark Voyager with your Golden Scar, when suddenly you’re hit by an IRL case of the munchies. Time to recharge your personal energy levels with a quick snack that:

  • You can munch one-handed, while keeping your eyes and brain in the game,
  • Won’t make a drippy mess while you’re building your base,
  • Scores XP for mouth-crunch satisfaction,
  • Tastes amazing!

In other words … it’s time to grab yourself a cup of Doc Popcorn, the perfect light snack for gaming, and a deliciously crunchy time-filler while you’re loading into the match.

Just keep a big ol’ tin of Triple White Cheddar or Sweet Butter popcorn stowed near your gaming lair, ready to quickly scoop out a cupful of Doc Popcorn. In a flash you’ll be right back in the game, dropping at Tilted Towers and taking the W, while sweet and salty flavors explode in your real-world mouth.