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Luck of the Popcorn to You!

Luck of the Popcorn to You!

Around the world, and especially in the beautiful emerald isle of Ireland, we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day on March 17th – a feast day to celebrate the patron saint of Ireland and all things Irish, as well as a fun opportunity to send a bit of cheer and good luck into the world.

So how about you -- are you feelinglucky? Is there someone in your life who’d enjoy a bit of good luck sent their way? While we can’t actually send rainbows with stolen pots of leprechaun gold to your friends and family, you can certainly send them someSt. Patrick’s Day love and good cheer in a tin filled with "popped gold" – delicious Doc Popcorn!

Which yummy flavor will your shamrock-sporting friends enjoy in their Doc Popcorn tin? Will some Better Butter get their Irish eyes smiling? Would a Rainbow Stripe tin filled with Cheesy Cheddar put a spring in their steps and a smile in their hearts?

Remember, we don’t have to be Irish to enjoy St. Patrick’s Day. On March 17th all are welcome to wear some green, look for four-leaf clovers, and celebrate the happiness and good fortune around us. Order now to send a tin brimming with cheerful wishes and delicious Doc Popcorn out into the world for your lucky friends and family. Use code LUCK18 for 25% off your order. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!