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Just the Right Gift for Just the Right Mom

Just the Right Gift for Just the Right Mom

We are a world of over 7 billion people, each one of us an individual with specific tastes and preferences. Are you a garlic lover or not? Where do you come down on the raisin debate? And how about non-food preferences – hang-glide off a mountain or snuggle up by the fire? Bobos or knee-highs; boxers or briefs?

So many tiny details to each of us, how could anyone really ever keep track? And yet one person stays on top of it all: your Mom. In the midst of managing her own life and obligations, she also did a pretty amazing job of helping you get what you needed.

You mom knew how to make your days special.Now it’s your turn to make her day special by treating her to a delicious treat of Doc Popcorn. May 13th is Mother’s Day, the perfect day to turn around some of that thoughtfulness by sending her just the right flavor and tin that she will enjoy. So let’s get down to business and start crafting the perfect Mom-Popcorn-Pleaser.

My Mom is …

  • A spicy mama – Might we suggest the cheesy-spicy delights of Hoppin’ Jalapeno? Would your mother enjoy our warm, chocolatey Coco Caliente? Or maybe your mom's up for a lightly spicy Salt 'n' Pepper adventure.
  • Unpredictable, a little out there, lovably whackadoo in all the right ways – Why pin her down to just one delicious flavor? A Big Tin with two or three different flavors of Doc Popcorn might be just the way to go.

And now the second part of your mom-pleasing gift: just the right Doc Popcorn tin to store the yummy popcorn treat. Is Mom a sports fan? Oh boy, have we got a lot of sport design choices for you! Or maybe she’s more traditional? “Just cheerful and yellow, with a tight-fitting lid, if you please.” A floral touch on our Tiny Tin with Spring Blooms could be re-purposed later as a pretty storage container. Or brighten up her day with a Big Tin decorated in rainbow stripes!

Just the right flavor, in just the right tin – it’s a lot to decide, but you know your Mom is absolutely one hundred percent worth it. So pick out the perfect tin of delicious popcorn to send to her, or bring it along to share at a Mother’s Day party.