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How to Throw a Poppin' Baby Shower

How to Throw a Poppin' Baby Shower

Have you been given the honor of hosting a baby shower for your friend or coworker? A few simple tips can help you plan a special party that is easy and fun for everyone:

  • Send out Invitations Ahead of Time – Whether you’re sending personalized email invites or traditional paper notes in the mail, be sure to give guests plenty of advanced notice – they’ll want time to shop for just the right adorable or practical baby gift to bring
  • Plan for Fun – Two or three quick, baby-themed games can set a festive mood and help friends and family get to know each other at the shower. In “Finish Mommy’s Phrases” guests are given paper and pencil to write how they would complete sentences such as “The best lullaby to help a baby sleep is …” Or, a rowdier crew might enjoy competitive, blindfolded, baby doll diapering – where the slowest diaper-changer is squirted with a water gun at the end! Just be sure to tailor the games to your guest list so everyone will have fun and feel comfortable.
  • Light and Easy Refreshments – The focus of the baby shower is mom and baby, so keep the refreshments tasty and simple. offers a Pop Party Pack which can help you save time and simplify preparations -- the bulk-sized, freshly-popped gourmet popcorn is mailed anywhere in the continental US. Be sure to allow at least seven days between ordering and the actual party date. Then, a day or two before the party, scoop the popcorn into cute little bags (the Pop Party Pack offers a variety of designs including baby blue, baby pink, and multi-colored dots). Then just set the colorful individual popcorn bags on a table for guests to enjoy while playing games or reminiscing about their own little ones.
  • Share Some Swag – Finally, send your party guests home with a thoughtful memento of the day. A tiny potted sunflower or basil plant for guests to place on their windowsill makes a beautiful reminder of the growing baby and family. Of course, small bags of sweet or savory treats also make great easy-to-take-home shower favors. The colorful individual serving bags of popcorn from the Pop Party Pack can be arranged in flavor-labeled baskets, so guests can choose their favorite popcorn flavor to bring with them as they head home after the shower.

A baby on the way is a celebration-worthy event! With just a little planning you can host a memorable baby shower that is easy, fun, and filled with love – a wonderful welcome party for a very special baby and family.