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Goodbye Clutter - Hello Smiles!

Goodbye Clutter - Hello Smiles!

What Sparks Joy in Your Life?

In the wildly popular new Netflix series, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, Japanese home-organization expert Marie Kondo shares her unique method for decluttering. When followed correctly, the KonMari system is designed to bring order to our homes while improving our relationships and putting us on a life-changing path to our ideal future.

No Holding Back

Unlike other programs which gently encourage us to clean a little every day, leisurely spreading out the work over the course of several months or years, the KonMari method calls for a one-time, special-event dive into our closets and secret clutter hiding spots – thanking items that no longer fit our new vision before discarding them to continue on their own journey without us.

Perfectly Placed

KonMari followers know the satisfying thrill of opening a drawer to reveal sushi-rolled socks and colorful, vertically arranged clothes, books, and komono (miscellaneous items). Instead of complicated storage systems, Kondo recommends dresser drawers for ideal storage, as well as shoeboxes and attractive repurposed containers as holders for the items we have thoughtfully chosen to bring with us into our happier, healthier, less stressful, more mature, or more playful future.

Special Storage

If a tin of delicious gourmet popcorn sparks joy in your life this spring, we’re honored to share code TIDYINGUP19 for 25% off your order of yummy snacks from When the tin is empty, be sure to use a dry cloth to clean it, before transforming it into cheerful, vertical storage for beautiful napkins or other treasured komono items. Happy Spring!