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Good Popcorn, Bad Poetry

Good Popcorn, Bad Poetry

Hey hey hey - It's Bad Poetry Day!

A day for playing around with words -- rhyming and rapping to our heart’s content – when no one will judge us for the chaotic corniness that results.

If someday goats fly and turtles start to hop,

I’ll still stay with you – my love will never stop.

Okay, that one was exceptionally corny. But how about this weather-themed poem with a sporty twist?

Clouds gather; rain falls.

Puddles splash me when I smash them with balls.

When I get splashed, my clothing gets wetter;

I think I’d be drier if my ball-skills were better.

Not too shabby, right? I know!

So now it’s YOUR turn to indulge your inner poet. What’s brewing inside of you – a rap about cheese, a political limerick, a touching ode to your pet iguana? Just grab your pencil or tablet and see what oozes out.

THEN go to our Doc Popcorn Facebook page and post YOUR best bad original poetry on August 18. No judgment here, just fellow bad poets eating popcorn and lounging around in our berets. There may even be a DELICIOUS prize for the best worst poem -- so get to it!

Happy Bad Poetry Day!