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Get Poppin' on 4th of July!

Get Poppin' on 4th of July!

Fireworks, backyard barbecues, parades down Main Street, and picnics by the lake – it’s 4th of July, the best party of the summer!

Try this easy, make-ahead snack recipe that is bursting with flavor, crunchiness, and patriotic pizazz. Just mix together some delicious red, white, and blue ingredients, sprinkle in some awesome seeds and nuts, and bring on the happy family snackers!

Patriotic Popcorn Trail Mix

Red – freeze-dried strawberries or raspberries, or sweetened dried cranberries (available in bulk food sections at many grocery stores.)

White – Popcorn! It’s delicious, crunchy, and holds up well in a trail mix. Some salty Simple Pop or Better Butter are awesome here. Or sweet Klassic Kettle popcorn works great, too.

Blue – freeze-dried or sweetened, dried blueberries are delicious, flavorful, and healthy! The perfect pop of blue for your 4th of July trail mix.

Extra awesome add-ins: Lightly salted sunflower seeds, pepitas, or cashews add a delicious healthy texture to the mix.

Pour all ingredients into a large bowl or bag. Gently stir or shake. Scoop about 1 – 2 cups of trail mix into individual bags for easy munching.

As the name implies, delicious, crunchy, gourmet popcorn is really the star of this Patriotic Popcorn Trail Mix. Better Butter, Simple Pop, or Klassic Kettle from can be ordered in large 3-gallon tins or in a Pop Party Pack (bulk-sized bags of freshly popped popcorn.) Cute trail mix sized bags can also be ordered with the Pop Party Pack – we love the ‘multicolored dots’ design as an homage to the colorful fireworks that will be lighting up the sky.

So pass out the glow sticks, bubble-wands, and trail mix, and cozy down on the picnic blanket for some family-friendly fireworks watching and a very happy 4th of July!