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Get Doc Popcorn for your Mardi Gras Party!

Get Doc Popcorn for your Mardi Gras Party!

Carnival, Mardi Gras … there are parties going on out there! Around the world people are jazzing up the dreary winter days, packing in the color and fun before the beginning of Lent and the long wait for the arrival of Easter and spring. Now is the perfect time to drape your friends and family with beads, throw on an outrageous feathered mask, and pass around tins of delicious Doc Popcorn as you let the good times roll – Mardi Gras style!

Help keep your Mardi Gras-themed office party light and fun by bringing a tin of Klassic Kettle to share with the crew. You and your purple, green, and gold-clad officemates can enjoy the delicious snacks as you’re carried away by the music and merriment -- then jump on the end of that conga-line and join the happy revelers parading around the cubicles and sashaying through the breakroom.

At home, you can unleash the Mardi Gras cheer by hosting your own magnificent party. Get the kids and neighbors dancing down the sidewalks, then whisk them all inside for some lively music and crunchy Better Butter. Be sure to pass around plenty of Hoppin’ Jalapeno to balance out the dreamy sweet confections of pralines and King Cake. Or maybe you’ll even want to show them your Caramel Bliss as a sassy, sweet dance-partner for the gumbo and jambalaya.

We can’t all get down to New Orleans for the floats and revelry of the world’s largest party, but a swinging Mardi Gras celebration can pop up anywhere. So brighten up these winter days, indulge in some spectacular fun, and party with Doc Popcorn for a Mardi Gras to remember. Order your absolutely favorite flavors right now, then Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler!