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Dill Pickle Power!

Dill Pickle Power!

People have powerful opinions about pickles!

  • They’re sour ...They’re tangy! The best pickles are sweet ... No – spicy! It's not a real pickle if it's not bathing in dill and garlic!

Pickles make a fine relish for hotdogs and Rueben sandwiches. We’ve seen toddlers happily gnawing on a dill pickle instead of a popsicle on a hot summer day. Some local breweries are now even boasting Dill Pickle beer!

  • Your grandma may have made her own dill pickles by submerging sliced cucumbers in an herby vinegar brine featuring pepper, crushed dill seeds, and garlic. Just a few hours of labor and a tightly sealed jar could yield several months of tangy snacking.

Need a quicker pickle fix? Try a handful of Doc Popcorn’s newest limited batch flavor: Dill Pickle Popcorn!

It’s pucker-up popcorn with the sour, garlicky, dill taste you’ll love to crunch! Eat it by the handful, bag, tin, or bucket – a perfectly pickle-tastic popcorn treat!