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Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas

Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas

Christmas is really for cats: Dangling ornaments to snatch off the tree, crinkly wrapping paper for toothsome chomping, curly bows to knock off packages and bat around on the floor … If you share a holiday home with a feline -- or if you’re just hoping to be more environmentally-friendly this year -- try these merrily creative (and kitty-proof) gift-wrapping ideas:

  • Fabric - Browse through the beautiful, seasonal, and even humorous remnant samples at your local fabric store. Match each gift to a special fabric, folding over the edges and tucking in loose ends. Secure the fabric in place with small safety pins or with a long piece of ribbon. The edges will not be crisp and precise like wrapping paper – instead the overall effect will be homey, traditional, and unique.
  • Drawstring bag – These can be purchased at craft stores in a variety of designs and sizes. Simply choose the size that will fit your gift, draw the string closed, and pin on a gift tag. The drawstrings can even be tied into a simple bow at the end.
  • Lidded tin – Reuse a lidded metal tin from Christmas past. Just wipe it clean with a dry cloth (do not use a wet cloth here since many tins will rust.) Make a cozy nest inside the tin with some fabric, then gently snuggle your gift in the layers. Snap on the lid and tape a gift tag on top. Small one-quart tins work great for little gifts to pop into a stocking or tuck under the tree. One-gallon tins are just the right size for a surprising variety of items. And a 3-gallon tin works great for ‘wrapping’ large or oddly-shaped items.

In addition to being beautiful, unique, and environmentally-friendly, these non-traditional gift wrap methods make post-holiday clean up a breeze! Just fold up the fabric remnants, ribbon, safety pins, and bags and store them inside one of the lidded tins for next year.

Merry Christmas to you and all your two and four-legged friends – from Doc Popcorn!