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Choosing the Right Corporate Gift

Choosing the Right Corporate Gift

Sending a corporate gift to your company’s important clients or business partners sets a positive tone for continued business cooperation in the year ahead.

Keep these guidelines in mind when choosing a corporate gift:

  • Quality -- Whether it’s a special food item or a new tech gadget, be sure that it is a genuinely good product, something you would personally enjoy or find useful in your own business or home. Don't limit yourself to business-related gift items – who wants a stapler with a big red bow? Business partners are real people outside of work who will likely appreciate a tastefully fun gift as well.
  • Individual or Shared -- Do you work with just one contact at the firm or is there an entire team? For a small group, you could send several of the same gift – one for each person. For a larger group, specialty food items may work better since they can easily be shared. Or you can send a large shareable gift to just one client -- allowing that person to have the pleasure of sharing your nice gift with his/her hard-working staff or supportive family.
  • Delivery -- A dozen squirming puppies sounds adorable but they’re not going to be easily deliverable via FedEx. Special needs like refrigeration and breakability should also be kept in mind.

Corporate Gift Suggestions: A three-gallon Big Tin of gourmet popcorn – in sweet or savory flavors, in a holiday, neutral, or sports team designed tin – makes a thoughtful sharable gift for a client or can be placed in a staff lounge. Individual one-gallon Tiny Tins are a nice option for a small support staff. The one-quart Teeny Tins work well as a delicious holiday thank you for a team of several people.

Flavors, sizes, and design options are all available at, or feel free to ask their “popcorn concierge” for assistance with custom options or size suggestions.