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Celebrate World Book Day with Doc Popcorn

Celebrate World Book Day with Doc Popcorn

Celebrate World Book Day with Doc Popcorn

Calling all booklovers -- it’s time to celebrate our love of all things literary with World Book Day! On April 23rd, take a vacation from reality by immersing yourself in a captivating book. It’s the perfect day to pamper your inner bookworm -- curling up with a good book and a yummy bowl of Doc Popcorn.

Check out some of our favorite popcorn Bestsellers to find the perfect snack-match for your literary mood:

Romance -- She was sweet, he was zesty – but they found a way to bring out the best in each other. It was the perfect popcorn marriage of Caramel Bliss and Cheesy Cheddar and they called it Cheese’n’Caramel.

Dystopian Fantasy -- It’s the year 2105. Birds travel by rollerskates, flying cats take their pet humans for a daily glide around the neighborhood, and clouds rain Hoppin’ Jalapeno popcorn onto the land below. It’s the ideal world -- or is it just a little too good to be true?

Tasty Tongue Twister -- Try this one, three times fast: Betty Botter bought some Better Butter. “Bingo!” Betty bellowed, “This popcorn's better! I’d better buy a bunch of Better Butter!

Did you find your perfect book-popcorn match-up for World Book Day? Feel free to mosey on over to the Flavors department of the Doc Popcorn online library to browse all the delicious choices