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Best Oscars-Watching Party Snack: Doc Popcorn!

Best Oscars-Watching Party Snack: Doc Popcorn!

Who's Your Pick for ...

Best "Movie with a Color in the Title" – Black Panther or Green Book?

The "Most Swoon-worthy Leading Actor"? The fictional movie universe you’d "Most Like to Find Yourself Digitally Transformed Into"?

Whatever your picks are for Oscars Night, you’re sure to take home the honors for “Best Supporting Snacks” if you have plenty of delicious Doc Popcorn on hand at your Oscars-Watching Party!

But which flavor will you go with? Will it be Caramel Bliss or Apple Crisp for Sweetest Snacking during the parade of gorgeous gowns on the Red Carpet?

And which gourmet treat will win the honor of Most Satisfyingly Savory Snack to crunch during the post show ‘Who got snubbed’ drama?

Whichever delicious Doc Popcorn flavor ends up sweeping the honors -- all the guests at your Oscars-Watching Party will be winners that night!