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Be My Popcorn Valentine

Be My Popcorn Valentine

Popcorn and Love Go Hand in Hand

How, you ask? Let me count the ways:

❤️ ️ Make a Grand Gesture with it

Spell out a special message for your Valentine with popcorn! All you'll need is a relatively flat surface – preferably one that can be viewed from above (think Juliet gazing down upon Romeo from her balcony, or out a window, or – in a pinch – standing on a chair to look down upon your heart-felt words or picture.)

❤️ ️ Be playful with it

It's the only snack that you are actually encouraged to toss in the air and catch in your mouth -- you might even be able to get away with actually pelting your loved one with popcorn – making it a perfectly yummy way to share light-hearted fun with your favorite someone on Valentine’s Day.

❤️️ Hide buried treasures in it

Looking to surprise your Valentine with a special small gift? Try tying it to a piece of popcorn, hidden inside a bag of his/her favorite, crunchy, non-gooey treat.

❤️️ Show that You Know

Spicy, cheesy, buttery, sweet – you can pick just the right flavor for your special Valentine. A tin filled with your sweetie’s favorite flavor of popcorn takes it back to the Valentine basics: a thoughtful gift that shows that you care.