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Awesome Secret Santa Gifts that Everyone Will Want

Awesome Secret Santa Gifts that Everyone Will Want

Get the Perfect Secret Santa Gift This Year

Secret Santa gift exchanges are a popular office tradition to help spread some holiday cheer to the people you spend the most time with during the week.

Here’s a question—what thoughtful, non-trashcan-destined, heartfelt Secret Santa gift should you bestow upon this lucky co-worker? Something everyone loves, which can be personalized, and will show your desk-buddy/co-teacher/fellow-slacker that you’re in-it-to-win this Secret Santa showdown (and that you hope they have a wonderful holiday season)? That’s a no-brainer, baby: Doc Popcorn is bursting with amazing Secret Santa gift ideas! Popcorn is a fun, delicious holiday treat. Holiday experts know for a fact that Santa himself likes popcorn better than milk and cookies, and Scrooge wouldn’t have been such a humbug if had some popcorn during those long hours of work!

The wide variety of Doc Popcorn flavors makes it easy to customize your Secret Santa gift idea. Does your Secret Santa pal love sports? Check out Doc Popcorn’s sports tins! Is your Secret Santa buddy the office sweetheart? Boom—Caramel Bliss should do the trick. Secret Santa hitting the teachers’ lounge this year? Apple Crisp for the teacher—easy as 1,2,3! Did you draw the name of the office jokester? All over that one—a seasonal tin of Cheesy Cheddar.

Having a tough time deciding on the perfect flavor for your Secret Santa gift? Try our Gift Pack Sampler Tins—you can order 3, 6, or 12 teeny tins, each filled with one quart of delicious Doc Popcorn in a variety of flavors! And, bonus, each teeny tin is the perfect size to literally stuff into a stocking (depending on the size of your officemate’s foot.)

The holidays are here, and you know the office is ready for some serious cheer. Order your delicious Secret Santa gift now!