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Add a Personal Touch to  your Corporate Gift!

Add a Personal Touch to your Corporate Gift!

Make a Memorable Impact

Try these tips for customizing corporate gifts for your clients, partners, and professional team:

1. Add your Logo-- A tin of delicious treats makes a great corporate gift – and if the lid also has a label with your company’s name or logo you’ll be getting friendly advertising each time your client reaches in to enjoy it.

As a bonus, with reusable items like a popcorn tin, the client can see your company’s logo multiple times throughout the year – a handy reminder to renew your company’s services.

2. Add local flare -- Do a little digging to learn the popular NFL or MLB sports teams in your client's region, then try to work that into your gift. Send high-quality snacks in a carefully chosen sports tin for a two-part gift: delicious gourmet bites during the holiday and then a year-round item celebrating their favorite home team.

3. Make it a shareable gift -- Some gifts, like a nice quality pen, are great for just one person. But if you send a shareable gift it allows your client to spread the appreciation to their support team, too.

A big tin of gourmet goodies is a great choice for an office with a large or small staff. Or your clients might prefer to share your gift with their own supportive families. It’s a nice way of acknowledging that you appreciate your business partners and all the behind-the-scenes effort that went into their work.

  • Visit our Corporate Gifts page for more information about our sizes, designs, and customized labels for tins of delicious Doc Popcorn.